September 19, 2008

Wild Shows, Wild Animals

We have had a great month, and we have seen some beautiful things, first let’s start here…

This is an abandoned house we passed in Floyd, VA. Notice the resting cow!

Floyd, VA is the home of Floyd Fest. Possibly the most “family” atmosphere of any fest we have ever played. What a great time. Here we are under the tent at Floyd Fest.

In South Dakota, in a town called Wall, there is a place called Wall Drug, that may be the most American, strange, amazing roadside attraction on the planet. We love the place, and we stop whenever we go by. To know more about other wild animals Visit us at touroftoowoomba .This is a stuffed rabbit – with vest, paisley shirt, and chaps at Wall Drug.

We played at a great festival in Deadwood, SD. After the show we were treated to a great time by the proprietors of Saloon #10. This is the actual chair Wild Bill Hickock was shot in at Saloon #10. He was famously killed in Deadwood holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights at a poker game. Aces and eights have become known as the dead man’s hand.

Another pic from inside Saloon #10. Look at the size of that old Bear trap. That is a giant moose next to it!

This is an old picture of an Ore train near Deadwood. What is awesome about this picture is that the hole in the center was shot there by country music legend Johnny Paycheck. When he fired his gun inside of Saloon #10 while taking pictures for an album cover.

Two headed cow inside of Saloon #10.

Paying respects at the grave of Wild Bill Hickock.

The Telluride Blues Fest in Telluride, CO was a big time for us. We got to see some old pals, we shared the stage with legends, and we loved it.

More of us at Telluride.

Breezy rocks out at Telluride.

Another amazing roadside attraction is Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, KS. This is Larry Farmer the owner of Prairie Dog Town. We stopped back by Prairie Dog Town and learned that Larry is trying to sell the place because of his health. We had him sign the postcard, with him on it, that looks like he has caught the world’s largest Prairie dog.

Buffalo at Prairie Dog Town.

Raccoon at Prairie Dog Town.

Breezy feeds the famous six legged cow at Prairie Dog town.

This is the extra two legs on the six legged cow at Prairie Dog Town. What is more amazing than two extra legs o n a cow? Two functioning assholes on the same cow. They should put that on their sign.

So we are not leaving you with that last picture, here is a nice pic of beautiful Mt. Rushmore.

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