October 4, 2006

Tattoo Blog


Well I think one way or another we have made it.

Yes Gang that is the tattoo of Craig a Big Damn Fan from Pekin, Illinois. He took this…

And he modified it to make the tattoo. We love it of course, and we couldn’t be more proud.

We have some amazing things happening this year, and the last few weeks have been really special. Be on the look out for another BIG DAMN photo blog coming in about a week.

We have a busy week coming up, on tour with Flogging Molly, SXSW, etc. Come out and say hello if we are in your town, and tune into Sirius Satellite Radio on March 15th for the My Old Kentucky Blog Radio hour. We are performing live, and talking about some stuff coming up.

If you have fan pics, tattoos, fan art, photos, etc., please send them in – we’ll put them on our blog and love you forever.

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