October 4, 2006

South East Blog

I thought some people might like to see these pics, and hear a little about our South East Tour. The best is near the end, and I mean the best. Let the nudity and debauchery ensue. Pheno took the ones of us performing, or with me in it. I took the rest.

On Breezy’s Mom’s side of the family they claim to be related to Col. Sanders (their name is Sanders), and they also claim that the family came to Mars Hill, IN from Corbin, KY. As it turns out there is a Corbin, KY and you can find a museum dedicated to the Col. of Fried Chicken himself. SIDE NOTE: The Col. sold his recipe to a corporation and died broke. They didn’t mention that at the museum (in a KFC).

Here Breezy, with the help of Pheno, gets aquainted with her kin, before we get back in the car and head to Monday night’s show.

The first night we played in a place called the Hideaway in Johnson City, TN. The folks there were very friendly, and we had a great time. Sorry – I just liked this picture.

When we got to Georgia, we stayed with my Uncle Larry in Kinston, GA about a half hour from Hotlanta. Near his place you’ll find this old covered bridge. You can see Jayme standing in the light.

In Hotlanta we played at the Ten High Club. The kitchen manager got so into it, that he decided that we could have anything we wanted to eat for free. There was a nice restaurant above the bar, so we ate calamari, and a whole assortment of things. It was dark, and it reminded me of the Patio.

This is us in Nashville, TN at the Gibson Showcase.

This is Breezy showing Nashville how to rock a washboard.

After we performed they had a blues jam hosted by the awesome Nick Nixon (he rules, and was an awesome guy. It was an honor to make his aqcuaintance). This guy is not Nick, no I don’t know what his name is, but his mullet was the most amazing mullet I have ever seen live. He was wearing a kind of weird purple zoot suit, and he got way too into performing songs like Mustang Sally.

This is Breezy and I in the Smoky Mountains – somewhere near Asheville, NC. Breezy got pneumonia – seriously. Before this photo was taken we had to take her to an immediate care place in Lenoir City, TN. They gave her a steroid shot, but they didn’t wear rubber gloves when she started to bleed they had to go find them in another room. The place was at the foot of the smoky’s, and it wasn’t the cleanest facility. It doesn’t stop Breezy from rocking out before or after though.

Breezy is cold. Up in those mountains it even snowed while we were driving in the middle of the night. It was pretty messed up. Pheno and Jayme thought I was going to kill us all. We survived.

We played live on WSGE in the Charlotte area. The folks there were about as nice as you could possibly be. The radio station has an awesome playlist, and they love Otis Gibbs. We knew we had found some friends there.



We rolled into Greensboro, NC to perform at Guilford College. This is the scene from behind the stage before the party started. Guilford College rules. It is apparently one of the most liberal colleges in the US.

The stage and lights were killer, and the crowd was awesome.

Despite the way below average 35 degree weather, we had a kick ass time from song number one to the end.

Both we and the crowd started sweating…

Jayme rocks the bucket on a song.

Before we knew what was happening, the crowd starts taking off their clothes. (I didn’t see any nips in this photo – it should be work safe).

I censored this one for those at work – this was the last picture before the camera died. Too bad. The crowd just got even bigger and more naked. It was a wonderful thing. We all just had fun together, and danced so much we sweat in the cold. It was a beautiful night.

This is Pheno’s view from behind the merch table. She was awesome all week selling our wares as we moved around like gypsies. Thank you to her!

We came here to take funny pictures, but At the Dale Earnhart memorial in Kannapolis, NC, we saw a family from Kentucky weep at the foot of this statue. The “Dad” tried hard to sound out the words on the plaque. It was obvious that he had a literacy problem. It is sad to think about the people that we raise up in our society, and the money we’ll spend to honor them, while some of us can’t even read.

This picture needs no caption.

Pheno took this picture in Charlotte near the Evening Muse. I thought that some people might find it interesting. It is creepy and on an old fridge.

Here we are at the Evening Muse in Charlotte. I loved this place, and Joe (the owner and soundguy) has worked very hard to make this room sound great. That crowd was awesome.

We made a lot of new friends, and we had a great time. I can’t wait to go back. Excuse the length here. I guess I got on a roll and lost track of time. Excuse any typos

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