February 17, 2015

“So Delicious” New Album out today! Tues, Feb 17

So Delicious” is here! Get it NOW on ITunes, Amazon, Our Store, or go to your favorite Indie record store. Just get it! And please share the news with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.  You are our best publicist.  A band like us simply cannot survive without it’s grassroots fans.  Still not convinced, don’t take our word for it, read these amazing reviews….

So Delicious is one of the most fun records you’ll hear this year. It has unique, witty songwriting, some impressive guitar playing, and a rhythm section that’ll keep you stomping your feet for days”
The Revue – Click read whole review

“Spectacular… The opening guitar chords on “Raise a Little Hell” are so dirty they could be illegal in certain countries, and Peyton’s voice manages to make Tom Waits sound a little sissy during four minutes of absolute fun and games that will be the song of my summer.”
No Depression – Click read whole review

“Cuts like these are simple in their themes of youthful impulse and souls bonding over the good times while they successfully grab that golden heartstring that dangles from each and every one of us and yet can’t always be pulled. Peyton tugs at that string for all it’s worth with a mix of humor, light-touch sentimentality and rugged Americana.”
Elmore Magazine – Click read whole review

“If this album brings the band to a wider audience, that can only be a good thing. In the age of talent show wannabes and manufactured groups, the world needs more bands that have been brought up the hard way and offer something a little different.  The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band certainly fit the bill.”
Music Existance – Click read whole review

“The anticipation of a new album from one of my favorite bands can be equal parts elation and dread. Inevitable questions like, “Is it going to be as good as the last one? What if it sucks? Did they change their sound? Will it be an uninspired re-hash of their previous work?” all come to the forefront of my mind until that glorious moment when I press play for the first time. Listening to Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s new album quickly put any semblance of apprehension I had to rest. So Delicious succeeds in delivering blue-collar blues full of homespun values like family, hard work, and community through slashing slide riffs, dirty grooves and the gruff, commanding vocals of Reverend Peyton himself.”
Old School Review – Click read whole review

“So Delicious captures The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band at their finest.”
Glide Magazine

“With the bluesy dexterity of Leadbelly and the driving rhythm of a punk guitarist, Rev. Petyon, known to most as “The Rev.”, is an unmistakable voice in contemporary American roots music. ”
Pop Matters

“It’s a juicy plain spoken assault on conformity. I dig it.”
Guitar World


Pot Roast and Kisses


Raise a Little Hell

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