May 3, 2010

See the New Music Video for “Clap Your Hands”


The video for The Rev. Peytons Big Damn Bands new song Clap Your Hands was shot in one day in a barn in Indiana. All of the dancers, artists, freaks, weirdos, cowboys, kids, donkeys, bunko steerers, chickens, and regular folks, who are all Hoosiers, all volunteered their time and talent because they believed in the song and the band. The video was directed/produced by the acclaimed music video producer Kevin Custer (Lil Wayne, Soldja Boy, Flogging Molly) who remarked the day of the shoot, it would have cost a fortune to get all of these props back in NYC. To which The Rev. Peyton replied, These arent props they are just crap you find in a barn! Check these out smart-ak .

Special thanks to The Blue Monkey Sideshow, the Hilltop Dancers, Creme De Les Femmes, Bangofla Dancers, belly is Dark Side Tribal, The Weapons of Rhythm, and the hundreds of friends and fans that helped us make this possible

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