February 15, 2007

ROBBED in TN and Pics from CO to GA

Yes we were robbed. The bastards stole Breezy’s purse in Knox County, TN with a lot of our tour money in it. Don’t worry we are all right. There are a lot of good people out there, but there are some bad ones too. We have a lot of great things happening in the coming months, great tours, recording, and more! Scroll down to see the latest photo blog and get the details. What we need from you all is to just keep doing what you are doing. Keep telling your friends, keep coming out to shows, and keep buying Big Damn Nation! If you are on here on myspace add a song to your profile, and if you have any kind of web page feel free to add the new clickable graphic “badge” that is on our myspace page as well! Oh and Hooded Sweatshirts are now available for sale at www.bigdamnband.com. And now some photos from the last few weeks in no particular order…

Somewhere in Colorado coming around a bend. They got a couple of feet of snow, and it was -17 degrees a couple of days we were there. I tell ya what – the people sure were warm to us.

Someone hauling a snowmobile and an elk in Wyoming.

A little slice of Americana from Missouri.

We felt like it was a good idea to obey the sign here in the Savannah Wildlife Refuge.

Photo of the show at Fiery Ron’s in Charleston, SC taken by Merideth Garrigan.

Another fun photo of the show at Fiery Ron’s in Charleston, SC taken by Merideth Garrigan.

This photo taken by Merideth Garrigan shows head chef Taylor showing us the smoker at Fiery Ron’s BBQ. He said, “when people ask what kind of sauce I use, I say none… I cook the meat for 16 hours. It doesn’t need sauce.”

A little civil war era reenactment at Fort Jackson in Savannah, GA.


The sign says stay off!

Jayme is riding a cannon at Fort Moultrie, SC.

This is Jayme wielding a spotlight of historical significance at Fort Moultrie.

Can you see me? A great tree in the Savannah Wildlife Refuge.

This is Walter and Marion. They were busking by the river in Savannah, GA. Marion had actually worked out full dance routines for each of the songs. It was pretty fun to watch.

Walter broke a string, so I went and got him one while we were hanging out. So they asked me to play a few. They watched me for a while, and then joined in on an old gospel song.

The Peyton Brothers in Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah, GA.

Jayme running on the beach in Charleston, SC.

A church somewhere between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.

A very disappointing lighthouse on Sullivan’s Island, SC

A cool lighthouse on Tybee Island, GA

We passed a sign that said Wildlife Viewing area and found this spot near Beaufort, SC.

We had some time off and no money. We decided to loiter around near Savannah, GA for a couple of days. That is why there are so many pics from that area. In Savannah you could tell that spring was coming before too long, but this tree was still holding onto fall. The leaves were still stuck on the tree, and they were glowing orange in the sun. The whole thing was bathed in Spanish Moss.

I snapped this of Breezy in Forsythe Park in Savannah.

The Fountain at Forsythe Park in Savannah.

Another picture inside of Colonial Cemetery in Savannah.

Breezy took this one looking up at some spanish moss.

What more can you ask for? Off of highway 17 in South Carolina.

We heard about this lake where there was great fishing. We caught nothing. Here Breezy is giving it her best effort.

Found these goose eggs while fishing.

Charleston Harbor.

Superbowl night we decided to pool our money together and get a room because we had the night off, and we needed a shower. Jayme snapped this picture. He said put it in the blog and call it “Super Bowl Party ’07.” I am sitting on the edge of the bed eating ramen noodles.

Swamp in South Carolina

Swamp in Georgia.

Another picture inside of Colonial Cemetery in Savannah.

This goose is ugly.

Jayme is fixing the van in Winston-Salem, NC. We had some good times, and we were really taken care of by the people there. Can’t wait to get back. North Carolina has always been good to us.

We were at a Krystal in Knox County, TN, and someone stole Breezy’s purse. It just happened to have all of our cash from the last few days in it. Well we have since changed that policy, but it was too late then. The staff at the Krystal was suspicious and not helpful at all. However, Officer Babaoglu was very kind. He jumped into the dumpster behind the Krystal with his pocketknife and tried to see if it had been tossed by the people that worked there. No luck, but I promised we would give him a good word in our photo blog for being so helpful. Cops have hassled us a little from time to time, they have helped a little from time to time, but we found the one cop in Eastern Tennessee who was a Widespread Panic fan. I have nothing but good things to say about him. As for us, well we’ll chalk this one up to life on the road and move on. On a side note – we would have been completely stranded if Breezy hadn’t found a 100 dollar bill the day before. (all of our cards had to be cancelled) She put the bill in her back pocket instead of the purse. The 100 dollars was exactly the amount of money we needed to pay for the gas. Sometimes the universe has a way of looking out for you. We have some great things coming up. Be on the look out.

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