October 14, 2016

New Podcast! BIG USA Tour! Videos…

There’s so much happening gang, first we want to announce our NEW podcast… Hard Times and Weirdness… Do you like the stories Rev tells on stage? Well, now the band has a podcast where you can hear those stories and more. Get the behind the scene look of what touring life is like for the band and crew. Thanks to our pals at Big O and Dukes for helping us get this up! It’s available for FREE on Itunes, Google Play or www.bigoandukes.com – Just search for “Hard Times and Weirdness.


We are currently on a co-headlining tour with the Supersuckers… Our Old Pal, Mr. Jesse Dayton opens… So many USA dates, please check www.bigdamnband.com/shows and make sure you let your friends know. PLEASE Post about it! If you can spread all those political memes, you can post about a hardworking band coming to your town playing real, from the heart, music. Check these out pruittvillefarms .


Our youtube channel has tons of great videos up right now… a lot of them are phone videos, but they are really cool. There are some really interesting covers, and green room rehearsals, etc. We have been trying to give you more music… please subscribe! Please share them too!


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