April 15, 2008

Flogging Molly, Norway, and more

We just got back from Norway, and before that… being out on the Green 17 tour with the amazing Flogging Molly tour was incredible. Even Flogging Molly’s crew was bad assed. They took care of us like we were paying them. I’ll get to that, but first some random pics from earlier in the year!

Jayme in a beach cave near San Diego, California.

Water on a rock in Northern California.

Coconut on the beach in Palm Beach, FL

Jayme stands on the banks of the Smith River. Check out that blue water. Amazing.

The Portuguese Man of War.

A misty beach in the redwood forest of Northern California.

Jayme walks near the Smith River.

Parrot in San Diego, CA.

Rainbow over a field in Florida.

Red Berries along the Smith River.

The bus was photographed in Colorado in the mountains somewhere between Denver and Aspen. It could be yours…

The sun sets behing rocks and surf in Northern California.

Now for some pics from our tour with Flogging Molly on their annual Green 17 tour. This is Breezy kicking ass in Atlanta, GA.

Photos by Todd Gay Photography taken at The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Photos by Todd Gay Photography taken at The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Jayme tears it up in Charlotte, NC.

Breezy rocks out in North Carolina.

The crowds along the tour were extraordinary every night. Flogging Molly treated us like family every single night. When they asked us to go out with them, we had no idea how huge it would be for us. What an honor. The bands that opened for us on the tour were awesome as well. I have no good pics, but Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, The Mighty Stef, and the Cherry Cokes were all bad assed.

Dennis Casey, lead guitar for Flogging Molly, is in throwing up a cheers to the crowd. They are intense!

Dave King had me get out my guitars in the parking lot of the venue after the show so we could sing gospel tunes. It was freezing, but it was a bunch of fun.

Indiana Jeans – a kick ass cowboy store in Montreal, Canada!

What? Toronto, ON.

Nathen Maxwell, bass for Flogging Molly, joining us onstage helping us sing a song with my bull horn!

Jayme’s girlfriend, Brandi, came out with us for a spell, and they decided to get married while in Vegas. I performed the ceremony at the House of Blues on the stage after the show, and Flogging Molly was the band.

Flogging Molly played the wedding march/here comes the bride, and then some celebration music!

Nathen Naxwell introduced us to some cool fellas in at Jersey City Tattoo. We got matching tattoos of our home states. You can see a photo of it at his myspace page on our top friends. I added to it later in Phoenix, AZ. maybe the next blog will get some pics.

At the end of the night we would join Flogging Molly for their last tune, and I think this picture sums it up pretty good even though everyone isn’t in it. Photographed left to right… Dave King, Jayme Peyton, Bob Schmidt, Yours Truly, Washboard Breezy, and Dennis Casey.

After we left Flogging Molly we went to Norway. We found out that in Norway they love Trolls.

This is from inside of the hotel we stayed in. I thought this was a cool picture.

Lillehamer, Norway

American Hamburger! Smakker Som Biff indeed!


The is a section of the largest lake in Norway.

A painting inside the hotel in Lillehamer.

A flask covered in seal fur!


Tall chimney in Lillehamer.

Old Steam Engine in Lillehamer.

Needs no comment.

This fella drove all the way from Sweden to Lillehamer to see the Big Damn Band play. What an honor!

Norwegians love their viking heritage. I thought this sign was creepy, but this bar was awesome.

We were told that this church was over 800 tears old. Notice the cool viking style dragons!

How would you like your norwegian hot dog? Choose a location in the United States. Sides include Mashed Potatoes and Shrimp paste! This was at the Airport in Oslo! The Norwegians were great. They really made us feel at home, and we can’t wait to go back. Keep checking out the schedule, and we’ll see everyone out at the shows. In the next few months we are going to be in just about every region of the US. Dates are added all the time, so check regularly. Help us get the word out about the shows. Go to www.bigdamnband.com and print our posters to hang, and most important… write, email, phone, or somehow tell your friends about the shows! Thanks for everything. Sorry it took so long to get a blog up, and thanks to everyone who donated pictures!

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