August 13, 2008

#4 on Billboard Blues Charts, pics from Revstock

Revstock '08

Thanks to everyone that helped our new album “The Whole Fam Damnily” debut at # 4 on the Billboard Blues charts! It is a great start, but we have a long way to go! Keep playing the record for your friends, and if you haven’t got it, then get it! And now… People wanted more pics from Revstock, People get more pics from Revstock! To headline a music festival in your name is an honor, and to do it 2,394 miles from home is an even bigger honor. Here we see festival goers enjoying the Big Damn Music at Revstock ’08 in Ashland, OR. Picture has been censored to protect the innocent.

A shot from behind The Rev.

The handmade sign out front of the festival!

A pic of the front of the crowd from above.

You can see here where the last picture came from

Breezy rocks out at Revstock ’08.

A shot from the front row.

Another shot from behind The Rev.

Jayme rocks out at Revstock!

Homemade Revstock ’08 t-shirt! Next year maybe we should have official shirts!

Rev. Peyton and Festival Promoter, Clint Clark, go over permits with the Ashland, OR police before the festival began.

The great band Ha Ha Tonka warms up the crowd as people start to gather at the main stage!

This is Clint Clark, frontman for the band Pater Familias, and the man responsible for thinking up, promoting, and doing logistics for Revstock! He pulled it off in fine form!

Members of The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Ha Ha Tonka, Pater Familias and more, pose for a picture after the successful completion of Revstock ’08!

Hope to see you at Revstock ’09! Get “The Whole Fam Damnily.” Thanks for everything! And thanks to Clint Clark and Dave Searle for these photos!

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