December 17, 2008

Giant Santa Clause and More!

We went to the true home of Santa Claus.  Where?  Soon enough, but first we go to Delaware.

Bird’s sit on a dock over looking a bay in New Castle, Delaware.

We went to New Castle, Delaware while on tour, because it was in the book 1001 places to see before you die.  We found this graveyard.  It reminded me of graveyards in New Orleans or Savannah.  Check out this name… Chauncey Pettibone Holcomb.  That is a name.

More of the graveyard in New Castle, DE

Gone Home, Check out the cat on the ledge.

We broke down in New York, and the tow truck driver let Jayme and our tour manager Dave ride in the van on top of the truck.  I am sure it is against the law, but we appreciated the lift.  This is a view from inside the van on top of the flat bed!

Jayme and our tour manager Flava Dave wave from a john boat on Deer Point Lake in North Florida.

We went fishing on Dee Point Lake before the show in Panama City, FL.  The water was like glass.  I have never seen anything like it.

More at Deer Point Lake.  You can hardly tell that it is water.  You could flip the picture and it would be the same.

Deer Point Lake, FL.  The reflection is amazing.

Spanish moss hangs on a tree on Deer Point Lake while the moon is high and the sun goes down.

This is a picture from Madison, WI.  The crowd was great.  It was a special night.  I can tell you though, the last few weeks have been really special.  The shows coming to the close of the year have been some of the best of the year.  We don’t take you for granted.

If you travel to the North Pole all you will find is ice and polar bears.  If you want to see Santa Claus you need to come to Santa Claus, IN.

Santa’s Candy Castle, Santa Claus, IN.  The building was designed by artist Emil Strauss.

Inside you’ll find… Candy!  Including one of the largest selections of different flavored candy canes in the world!

Bench in Santa Claus, Indiana.

And finally the Giant Santa Claus Statue in Santa Claus, Indiana.  We still have our Holiday show in Indianapolis, IN and New Year’s Eve in Denver with Flogging Molly before we kick off our west coast tour.  See you all then!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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