July 18, 2007

Coast to Coast Photo Blog

The last couple of months we have been coast to coast, and the hard traveling is not over yet! Here are a few highlights in pictures…

We came upon this fox in Brown County, IN before we left for the summer tour.

I did a little fishin’ in Southern Indiana too, but I just caught a little one.

This is where I caught it.

This is a picture from behind Breezy and Jayme at Summer Camp, a large music festival in Chilicothe, IL. Our crowds there have really been growing, and this year it really felt like the word was out. I can’t thank these fans enough for helping us kick off the summer right. Visit mysunrise to get more details.

Breezy went out on the subs at summer camp to get closer to the crowd.

This is Jayme yelling during the song MUD.

This is Jayme backstage with Cara, one of the Summer Camp crew members who always treats us like family.

The next day we played at Hookahville, a big festival in Ohio.

This young lady is wearing paint instead of a shirt.

The crowd at Hookahville was really awesome too, so it made the show easy and fun.

We headed east from there, and this pic is from our show in Brooklyn at the Luna Lounge. This show was really special, and I wish I had more pics to help do this show justice. We got to hang out with a bunch of old friends in NYC as well. Get more info at fivebough .

This pic was taken in the subway in NYC. These fellas are performers that dance for tips. The blur in the middle is a guy flipping over and over.

This is our old friend Mary Prankster. She has retired from making music, but she is doing very well making NYC her home. It was really great getting to see her. We couldn’t convince her to come out of retirement though.

This is looking out at Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. Vermont is beautiful. This was our first time there, and the people really made us feel at home. The terrain is really amazing. I was impressed.

This sign was posted near the water. I laughed out loud. They are anticipating a lot of kite flying I guess.

This pic was taken in New Haven, CT. We had a great show there at Club Nine, and we found out that even the drunks are well read in the same town that holds Yale University.

This pic is of a sailboat on Lake Champlain.

Chestertown, MD is an old town. We played at Andy’s, and had a great time. Before the show we wondered around and found this sculpture dedicated to a senator of old. We couldn’t help but think it looked a little familiar. And well… maybe appropriate.

Check out the year on this house.

A boat out of water in Chestertown, MD

The Forkman came to our show in Chestertown too. We met him in Mississippi in the spring, and his stuff is amazing. Check out those bracelets. They are just forks that have been bent. He makes all kinds of sculptures and jewelry out of forks and spoons.

This gentleman was on the street in Wilkes Barre, PA. He added all kinds of stuff to his bike, mainly made out of foil. He was waiting outside of this video store hoping to sell them some old videos. He told us that the reason he has a bike like that is so he can ride around and collect cans to sell.

This is a couple from Ohio, named Don and Margerie who rode their bike out to our shows in Missouri and Kansas. They are inspiring people who love life, art, music, and food.

In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas they have been getting a crazy amount of rain, and there has been flooding all over there, while the rest of the country is in a severe drought. In fact California seemed to be on fire everywhere. This pic is of Manhattan, KS. The dam had to be opened to let some water out, and it was violent.

Jayme said, “Hey get a picture. This book is stuck on my head.”

The Continental Club in Austin, TX was definitely one of my favorites in a while. I only have this pic from it – I wish I had more… as always if you have pics from shows, please send them in. I might use them for a blog or otherwise. We appreciate it so much, and we appreciated all of you who were out in Austin, TX. What an amazing night. Notice the ELVIS sign on the roof. They light it up on his birthday. We were told that The King himself played there in the 50’s.

South of Truth or Consequences, NM we had a tire blowout. It was 4am, and we were beat.

Arches like these dot Southern Utah. I was proud of myself for climbing up this high to snap a pic through the hole.

Breezy took our picture at another Arch while the sun was going down.

The grand finally of the 4th of July fireworks in Portland, OR. We got in just in time to see the fireworks before the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland. We played on the Festival’s main stage, and then later that night we played on a boat.

Multnomah Falls the second largest waterfall in the US. South of Portland, OR.

More of the beautiful falls.

Breezy in front of the falls.

I think that is Mt. Hood in the distance along the Columbia River. To the right is Washington and on the left is Oregon.

This is a picture from the High Sierra Music Festival taken by Andrew Quist. I think it sums up the energy of the festival. We had four shows, and all of them were great. High Sierra is definitely one of the best music festivals we have ever been a part of.

Here is Breezy at High Sierra – also taken by Andrew Quist. He is obviously a great photographer.

Our friend Matt Hopper, a singer/songwriter from Alaska came along to be our “crew” while he had a little time off from touring. At High Sierra he got sunscreen in his eyes, and he had to be taken to first aid. His eyes got RED! Thanks to the High Sierra first aid for fixing him up.

On the way out we decided to stop along the Feather river and check out the beauty. This is a beach we found and hung out at for a while.

I thought this bridge across the Feather river looked really cool.

This is our buddy Matt Hopper up on a mountain looking majestic. I figured I had to show a nice pic of him since I included his red eye.

This is Jayme battling the Feather River.

This is a waterfall along the Feather River.

The Feather River from on top of one of the mountains. You can see the railroad tracks too.

In LA we saw this movie being filmed. I have no idea what it is about, but there was a little kid and an ice cream man. The kid was paying with a fifty dollar bill.

This picture was taken along Hollywood Blvd. This guy had been dressed like spiderman. People stand outside on Hollywood Blvd and take pictures with people hoping to get tips. This guy had been one of them, but he stopped for a break.

Check this LA advertisement out. At first glance I thought “Kapoors” were sunglasses. Nope… Fake boobs. It was a plastic surgery ad. I thought this was pretty terrible on a lot of different levels.

And finally Phoenix, AZ at Club Red. Another Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment production. It was an honor to be back, and the crowd was great. HBE has something special going on there. From here we head East for a while, and then we head west. We will almost be doing a coast to coast run again before the summer is out. If you have pics from any of these shows send ’em in. We’d love to check ’em out, and thanks for making these shows so great. It really is the fans that make all of this possible and so special.

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