February 16, 2009

Back in the American West


We had a great time in the American West.  It was our best West tour ever.   The crowds were amazing.  Thank you so much.  The shows would be nothing without you.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.

This is our van in West Yellowstone.  The weather was rough, but so far this winter we have been pretty fortunate regarding weather.

Here is a shot through the inside of the van while we drove through Yellowstone.

Icicles and a sunset in Crested Butte, CO

We stopped off at the Burl Gallery in Kerbyville, OR.  Everything is made out of burl, and there are some great burl artists.

I wish I had more pictures of the great art – mostly I have pictures of the grounds.  Here is a tree house.  Jayme made his way up there.  Can you see him?

Jayme in a Burl Gallery tree house.

Cool old car at the Burl Gallery.

Ole’ Connie Sue.  At the Burl Gallery in Kerbyville, OR.

Jayme kneels along the Smith River in Northern California.   We had a day off, so we went fishing.

Jayme skips a rock across the Smith River.  Jayme is one of the best rock skippers on the planet.

Bridge across the Smith River.

An old timer pointed us toward this tributary of the Smith River for viewing redwood trees.

Jayme and I decided to wet a line.

Here I am casting to the other side.  I really needed my fly rod for this kind of stuff, but my bass rig is all I bring with me on the road.   Fishing is fun even when the gear and weather ain’t really right for it.

Breezy at sunset in Crescent City. CA.

I was standing in the same spot when I took the picture of Breezy, but I just looked to the left and got this picture.  It is a house on the rocks in Crescent City, CA.

Sunset and a Seagull, Crescent City, CA.

We drove a while out of our way to get to this redwood tree you can drive through.  Our van was too big.   The trombone goes wah wah wah waaaaaaah.

This is a “One Log House.”  Myers, CA.

Elk in the mist in Northern California.

These elk had just locked horns, but I missed the pic.

We got pretty close to this one.  I love sneaking up on animals.   Do not try at home!

We had another day off, and we decided to do more fishing at Lake Casitas in Southern California.  I have tried to research cool places and cheap or free things to do and see as we travel around out here.  This lake had super cheap boat rentals.

Breezy drives the john boat on Lake Casitas in Southern, CA.

Lake Casitas has a bunch of really strange birds.  Here is a not very good picture of some black ducks with white beaks.  Pretty strange.

It was starting to get really cold here at Lake Casitas.

Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, CA.

This is close up on the bottom right of the above photo.   Look at all the shells in the holes.

Breezy and I sit on the cliffs. Ocean Beach, CA.

A small cove at the Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach.

Breezy at the pier at Ocean Beach, CA.  It is the longest pier on the west coast.

Sunset picture taken off the pier at Ocean Beach.

This is the stage at Club Congress in Tucson, AZ.   It is an amazing looking venue.

Breezy rocks out on stage at the Granada Theatre in Dallas, TX.  These great live shots were taken by Bill Ellison.

A great picture of Jayme at the Granada Theatre in Dallas, TX.  We need more great live shots of Jayme.

The Rev. Peyton at the Granada Theatre, Dallas, TX.

Breezy here proving once again that she is the queen of the washboard.  She has really taken the washboard to another level, another place.  At the Granada Theatre in this photo she set it on fire… literally.   Her playing is no gimmick, no hokum cheesy jug band schtick.  She kicks ass on that thing, and I think will prove once and for all that the instrument is serious.

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