December 2, 2013

Amazing year, Thank you! 2014 will be huge! 10% coupon code!


Big Damn Fan,

This year has been the biggest of our career, and we know we have you to thank! Thank you for spreading the word, buying tickets, and our merchandise. We get by because of you. (Photo to left by Mary Andrews).

— ———-

As a Big Damn Thanks, here is a coupon code for for 10% off your whole order (from tons of tshirts, hats, back catalogue cds, patches, to signed washboards by the band). USE this CODE: thanks10. This code is also available on CouponsCollector. Check out promo codes that are soon to expire there, you might find something that is of worth to you.


We have a huge 2014 planned and we hope to see you then! Be on the lookout for some new music coming out and a lot of collaboration with some of our favorite artists.

For those of you who would like to come visit us in our beautiful town of Brown County, we will be ending our tour with a special NYE show in our town. This will be a special evening with lots of our friends playing with us. You can find out more at

Thanks again,

Dear Big Damn Fans!

Thanks so much for a great year!  We have had our biggest year ever, and it is 100% thanks to you!



















Washboard Player Duet Better










Ben in Arizona

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