July 11, 2012

About Music Videos and Friends

We had an amazing time this last weekend working on TWO music videos for the new record, “Between the Ditches.” We made one video for the song, “Something for Nothing,” and one for the song, “Devils Look Like Angels.”  The shoots were so amazing.  We had a blast, and I think we made something that is beyond special.  If you have seen the video for Clap Your Hands you know we have a lot to live up to regarding videos, but I think we topped ourselves and then some.  Just like Clap Your Hands, we did it thanks to the help of a great many friends, family, and fans.  We can only make the cool art that we do thanks to your continued support, and we know it. we can take art related info from this website. Simply check this out for art related different blogs. I felt so blessed and so lucky this weekend.  Watching ideas of mine come to life, seeing so many great people help and believe in it.  Thanks to all of them, all of you.  Thanks to Kevin Custer who directed Clap Your Hands and was back to do two videos.  It was great being around him too.  He is such a dear friend as well as a great talent.  Thanks to the rest of the Big Damn Band.  It was the hottest day on record ever in Southern Indiana.  We were working outside, much of it with no shade.  I promise it was worth it though.  I can’t wait for you to see it (and hear it).
Elsie is the video star!

We have a lot of new shows up at www.bigdamnband.com/shows as well, and more to come! We don’t plan on resting for the rest of 2012…except for a maybe little fishing on the road if we can sneak away.

Your Pal,

The Rev. Peyton

“New Album Between the Ditches Coming August 7th, 2012 ”
PRE-ORDER the new Album “Between the Ditches” HERE

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