Something for Nothing – our new music video

Check out this video for the song “Something for Nothing,” from the Between the Ditches.

“Something for Nothing” is the second video from The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band’s album, “Between the Ditches.”

The video was shot in one day in Brown County, IN on the hottest day in Southern Indiana history. Special thanks to all the workers in the video, mostly Brown County Legends, and friends, family, and fans that helped make the video possible. Special thanks to Lil Bub the cat. Very special thanks to Jennie DeVoe for lending some additional background vocals to the song.

  • ThugMusk

    Very cool.

  • Anita

    Hey, when will you be in CT? I see the Boston dates and was hopin’ you’d come to CT (saw you at Sally’s last yr. – my son Steve brought you an awesome custom resonator to try). Would love to see you LIVE again.

  • Bob Cote

    Best new sound of 2012, you guys should book a show at the Minnesota Zoo, outdoor ampitheater next summer!..Great Venue for you guys…

  • Brian Connors, Glastonbury, CT

    We need some of this back East…Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

  • Brian Connors, Glastonbury, CT

    These guys would rule at Infinity Hall (Norfolk or Hartford), I agree 100%, would love for them to come to CT

  • Liskey

    Shit rock’s for sure keep the beat. Liskey. Big Denver Co

  • highway66blues

    Just tripped across the band,Very inadvertantly.
    I’ve No Words…well,maybe a few…
    I perdy much gave up listenin’ to “modern” music a few years back
    Got a whole collection of ’20′s, ’30′s, ’40′s & ’50′s Country/Mississippi/Peidmont/Old Time/etc. Blues that i listen to now….Western Pa farmboy lost in time.
    CAN’T Say Enough about the band,folks. THIS is where music is at now,coz it’s WHERE it came from…far as i’m concerned
    Love Ya Tons Rev,B & Aarron

  • Trailrunner

    My new favorite video. Incredibly cool. I hope to see you in June in Pennsylvania.

  • FB

    Can’t wait for Saturday night. My first Rev gig.
    11th May 2013.